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       Software Developer   SETH  ALAN  WOOLLEY   Blood Serotype: O Negative

       3403 NE Stanton St   Cell # 503-953-3943 swoolley
       Portland, OR 97212   seth @   APRS:KF7IOR-7 GMRS:WREY919
       USA, 97212-2744 03   Amateur Extra Ham Operator
       45.5438, -122.6295 / 28   s @ | s @ 
       S972122744039S = S972122744039S
       PGP Key 4018E932 = 4DE5 08A0 1ADE 1936 62AC  DD04 EBCE 582B 4018 E932

       To leverage broad geospatial, database, security, embedded/mobile,
       storage, distributed processing, automation, and GNU/Linux expertise.

       2006-now  SF Bay Area Startups  Spatial Database Software Engineer

         Data Structures        Algorithm Analysis   3D Computer Graphics
         Programming Languages  Databases            Automata Theory

         Languages:             C/C++, Java, Kotlin, Bash, TCL
         Databases:             Sqlite, PostgreSQL, MySQL
         Programming Emphases:  Navigation, Spatial Databases, Android,
                                Debugging System-level Issues, Scaling
                                Security, POSIX, Embedded, Rendering,
                                Sockets, Threading, Clustering,
                                GNU Autotools, Dynamic Analysis


       Navigation Lane Guidance using lane scoring.
         US 20160341561 A1 A: May 20, 2015
         US  9816830    G  A: May 20, 2015 G: Aug  8, 2017
         US 20170370745 A1 A: Aug  8, 2017
         US  9933272    G  A: Aug  8, 2017 G: Apr  2, 2018
         US 20180188062 A1 A: Feb 26, 2018
         US 10012516    G  A: Feb 26, 2018 G: Jul  3, 2018
         US 20180259355 A1 A: May 10, 2018
         US 10139242    G  A: May 10, 2018 G: Nov 27, 2018
         US 20190078906 A1 A: Oct 22, 2018

       Cadence-based personalized bicycle route guidance.
         US 20190178679 A1 A: Dec  8, 2017

       Personalized bicycle route guidance using stored profile.
         US 20190178672 A1 A: Dec  8, 2017

       Determining cumulated estimated time for requested services.
         Co-inventor Karapet Shaginyan
         US 20190390971 A1 A: Jun 25, 2018

       Senior Software Developer.  StormQuant.  Portland, OR, 10/2019-now
         Working from Portland, OR for doppler hardware + services startup.
         Distributed team in Silicon Valley, Space Coast, Boulder + Portland
         Dual-Polarization Doppler Weather Radar using X-Band P0N emission.
         Doppler, reflectivity, derotation. deconvolution, decompression.
         GNSS-disciplined oscillation for interferometric capabilities.
         Software for NVidia Tegra ARM64 CUDA and Xilinx Artix7 FPGA.
         Custom board device tree and linux kernel driver modifications.
         Throughput optimization, variable-size SGDMA for least latency.
         Test-driven iterative development with hardware simulation layers.
         Least privilege secure development with minimum copy architecture.
         Microservices server architecture with a time-series actor model.

       Senior Software Engineer II.  Uber.  Portland, OR, 9/2017-9/2019
         Working from Portland, OR for a division based out of San Francisco
         Technical Lead of full Navigation Stack from Routing to Mobile SDK
         Guidance engine creator, data policy consultant, quasi-manager
         Architecture work on stateful route storage and APIS, alternative
           routes, conversion to new internal propriatery routing 
           engine of navigation
         Contact point for navigation stack.
         More patent filings, mostly around alternative transit modes and

       Senior Software Engineer.  Uber.  Portland, OR, 3/2015-8/2017
         Working from Portland, OR for a division based out of San Francisco
         Technical Lead of full Navigation Stack from Routing to Mobile SDK
           (tech leading about a dozen engineers closely)
           (excludes map display itself, which is handled by anothergroup)
         Lead team that successfully reimplementated full-navigation-aware
           routing in a new high performance optimized routing engine.
         Navigation stack deployed worldwide, covered in technical media.
         Replaced Apple Maps in iOS; launched whole new Android Nav 
           and gained majority and plurality category position with
           upward trajectory against all major nav providers at Uber.
         Uberizing deCarta Xplorer technology to the Uber Navigation
           platform, specifically the turn-by-turn maneuver generator.
         Assisting data team with TomTom data conversion and Uber-internal
           model designs for navigation purposes.
         Assisted internal data collection teams with navigation
           requirements and consulting.
         Filed patent claims on turn-by-turn guidance algorithms,
           mostly around lane guidance, from work at deCarta.
         Additional patent work on future routing improvements.
         Designed and implemented a map-matching tile service for 
           client-side map-matching.
         Translated guidance into 40+ languages using custom guidance
           engine with sophisticated natural language rule awareness.
         Designed and architected guidance engine to support to an Uber-
           internal routing engine.
         Primary interface with infrastructure team to deploy deCarta-
           based navigation stack.
         Rearchitected guidance generation and client-server protocol.

       Senior Software Engineer.  deCarta.  Portland, OR, 11/2007-3/2015
         Successfully "exited" a nearly two decade old startup for
           an undisclosed amount to the fastest growing company ever
           in what was the first formal acquisition by Uber Technologies.
         Working from Portland, OR for a division based out of San Jose
         Rearchitected and reimplementing aspects of spatial source data 
           processing for deCarta MapSearch requirements, a white-label 
           competitor to Google Maps for major mobile network operators, etc.
         Maintaining and improving existing source data filters with 
           offshore support.
         Wrote many sqlite modules for direct manipulation of GDF sources
           both relationally and spatially, allowing ease of processing.
         Rich Map Engine maintainer for major portions including embedded, 
           multi-threading, geocoding, incremental search, and data-intensive 
           analysis needs.
         Merged five year old forks of server and embedded RME engines 
           across 64 bit and multithreading ports, improved threading grain,
           unified company wide engine splintering into a single build
           process and engine while retaining performance across use cases.
         Technical advisor for international data processing team members, 
           releasing about a dozen different data releases each quarter.
         Technical advisor for navigation engines for embedded and mobile.
         RMF and RMQ research and development engineer (core data emphasis):
           "Rich Map" Format, Navigational, Query, and Customizer
         Primary engineer for the spatial clipping algorithm rewrite that
           repaired topology errors that caused slow (and broken) clipping,
           resulting bug identificiation and resolution resulted in a 
           three-fold performance increase in complex area rendering
         Responsible for the proprietary Rich Map Compiler for the 
           deCarta Rich Map Format (RMF, the core data technology)
           found problems in old codebase leading to inefficiencies
           fixed and improved the compiler for embedded devices:
             size reduction and performance improvements by 
               increasing efficiency of assembled/formatted data
               adding trie-based dictionary compression to engine
             debugged, refactored, documented compiler internals
         Rich Map Query embedded relational database for geocoding engineer
           responsible for RMQ schema and data conversion and indexing
           improved RMQ library and port to deCarta's Customizable Nav App
           added European and international language support to library
           designed and implemented RMQ freeform geocoder for North Am.
         Ported Win32 and WinCE codebases throughout deCarta to GNU/Linux;
           created and maintain embedded porting compatibility libraries
         All-around bug fixer and sweeper for embedded products, using 
           remote debugging, static and dynamic analysis tools, logging
           frameworks, and a complete entire-stack understanding of the
           product.  Handled OS-specific memory constraints and managed 
           memory pools and caches efficiently.
         Wrote fastcgi-based C text to speech server supporting multiple
           text to speech engines, voice, language, etc., based on request, 
           auto-converting phonemes as-needed based on detected language.
         Ported Navigation server to raw DDS route output and implemented 
           complete and internationalized guidance for full turn-by-turn
           navigation.  Architected contract between client and server.
           Lead routing performance auditing and optimization work.

       Software Engineer.  deCarta.  San Jose, California, 09/2006-10/2007
         RMN and RMC research and development engineer (build emphasis):
         Rich Map Navigational, Relational, and (Spatial) Format data expert
           for the deCarta Navigation SDK and White Label App projects
           acted as primary RMN data engineer, designer, and architect
         Was responsible for productizing RMC, the Data Products Build 
           Automation system and other spatial data manipulation tools
         Designed and wrote an XHTML-and-CSS2-based dynamic web front-end for
           internal, contractor, and customer use to manage spatial builds:
             display processing pipeline in flow-chart fashion using graphviz
             create and edit flows and settings graphically
             initiate, re-queue, cancel running builds
             observe, per-task-type and -task, the status of running builds
             administer user capability configuration and core database
         Designed and implemented modifications to the Distributed Data 
           Build System back-end for improved automation and security:
             SSL-based authentication and transport security
               for build-client deployment off-site
             other incremental back-end features, as-needed
         The RMC is now called dMC (deCarta Map Customizer).

       Software Engineer.  Panasas.  Fremont, California, 01/2006-08/2006
         Primarily Responsible for managing the parallel filesystem test
           suite tools written in TCL and C/C++
         Maintained tools that reliability tested the panfs filesystem by
           generating and checking random, concurrent, mutli-client load
         Maintained and improved command-line tools for invoking the release
           tests for automated system and unit tests
         Maintained the hardware management website suite that reserves and
           sets up hardware resources for install/netbooting
         Fixed bugs and improved the tools libraries for reliability and
           correctness based on developer feedback and code reviews
         Wrote enhancements to libraries as new product features were added
           to enable mass system testing
         Acted as a developer resource for understanding the entire 
           automation and testing setup at Panasas' Fremont office

       Source Mage GNU/Linux QA and Security Team Leader.  2002-2006
         Managed continuous, automated source-code audits of the Source
           Mage GNU/Linux package collections for quality
         Maintained Graphics and Video packages for Source Mage by updating
           packages in these sections when vendor updates were available
         Altered the Source Mage Quality Assurance process for saneness
           proof for the stable package collection
         Assisted port of Source Mage to the x86_64 platform by QA testing
           and patching to fix problems found
         Designed, implemented, and advised the Source Mage integrity
           checking cryptography system
         Implemented parallel init and helped maintain the Source Mage init
           process by patching bash and simpleinit-msb C code.
         Fixed hundreds of security problems in Source Mage packages by
           watching security lists, quickly patching them with fixes

       Website Security Vigilante.  2002-now
         Found and reported software vulnerabilities including:
           an MSSQL injection vulnerability months before the Salem-Keizer
             school district network was compromised
           multiple severe security vulnerabilities in a common website
             blog tool (b2/wordpress)
           a less severe security vulnerability in an even more common blog
             tool (Movable Type)
           an information leakage vulnerability in a proprietary
             registration system for a website with thousands of members
           a vulnerability revealing the internal root password of the
             mass-mail server used by the Kerry 2004 campaign
           multiple severe vulnerabilities in a proprietary web host
             ticket tracking system used by thousands of companies
         Clean ethics - I never received any money for the above vigilance

       Excellent References Available

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