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RESET(1)                   Linux Programmer's Manual                  RESET(1)

       reset(1,7,1 tput) - reset(1,7,1 tput) the terminal

       reset(1,7,1 tput)

       reset(1,7,1 tput)  calls  tput(1)  with  the  clear(1,3x,3x clrtobot),rmacs,rmm,rmul,rs1,rs2, and rs3
       arguments.  This causes tput to send(2,n) appropriate reset(1,7,1 tput) strings  to  the
       terminal based on information in(1,8) /etc/termcap (for the GNU or BSD tput)
       or in(1,8) the terminfo database (for  the  ncurses  tput).   This  sequence
       seems to be sufficient to reset(1,7,1 tput) the Linux VC's when they start printing
       "funny-looking" characters.  For good measure, stty(1) is  called  with
       the sane argument in(1,8) an attempt to get cooked mode back.

       clear(1,3x,3x clrtobot)(1), stty(1), tput(1)

       Rik Faith (

Linux 0.99                      10 October 1993                       RESET(1)

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