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linsert(n) - linsert, linsert - Insert elements into a list - man n linsert

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linsert(n)                   Tcl Built-In Commands                  linsert(n)

       linsert - Insert elements into a list

       linsert list index element ?element element ...?

       This command produces a new list from list by inserting all of the ele-
       ment arguments just before the indexth element of list.   Each  element
       argument  will  become a separate element of the new list.  If index is
       less(1,3) than or equal to zero, then the new elements are inserted  at  the
       beginning of the list.  If index has the value end, or if(3,n) it is greater
       than or equal to the number of elements in(1,8) the list, then the new  ele-
       ments are appended to the list.  end-integer refers to the last element
       in(1,8) the list minus the specified integer offset.

       list(n),  lappend(n),  lindex(n),  llength(n),   lsearch(3,n)(n),   lset(n),
       lsort(n), lrange(n), lreplace(n)

       element, insert, list

Tcl                                   8.2                           linsert(n)

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