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eval(n) - eval, eval - Evaluate a Tcl script - man n eval

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eval(n)                      Tcl Built-In Commands                     eval(n)

       eval - Evaluate a Tcl script

       eval arg ?arg ...?

       Eval  takes one or more arguments, which together comprise a Tcl script
       containing one or more commands.  Eval concatenates all  its  arguments
       in(1,8)  the  same  fashion  as  the concat command, passes the concatenated
       string(3,n) to the Tcl interpreter recursively, and returns  the  result  of
       that  evaluation  (or  any  error(8,n) generated by it).  Note that the list
       command quotes sequences of words in(1,8) such a way that they are not  fur-
       ther expanded by the eval command.

       concatenate, evaluate, script

       catch(n), concat(n), error(8,n)(n), list(n), subst(n), tclvars(n)

Tcl                                                                    eval(n)

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