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destroy(n) - destroy, destroy - Destroy one or more windows - man n destroy

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destroy(n)                   Tk Built-In Commands                   destroy(n)

       destroy - Destroy one or more windows

       destroy ?window window ...?

       This  command  deletes  the windows given by the window arguments, plus
       all of their descendants.  If a window ``.'' is deleted then the entire
       application will be destroyed.  The windows are destroyed in(1,8) order, and
       if(3,n) an error(8,n) occurs in(1,8) destroying a window the  command  aborts  without
       destroying  the remaining windows.  No error(8,n) is returned if(3,n) window does
       not exist.

       application, destroy, window

Tk                                                                  destroy(n)

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