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cursors(n)                   Tk Built-In Commands                   cursors(n)

       cursors - mouse cursors available in(1,8) Tk

       The  -cursor  widget  option allows a Tk programmer to change the mouse
       cursor for a particular widget.  The cursor names recognized by  Tk  on
       all  platforms are: X_cursor arrow based_arrow_down based_arrow_up boat
       bogosity bottom_left_corner bottom_right_corner bottom_side  bottom_tee
       box_spiral  center_ptr  circle  clock(3,n)  coffee_mug  cross  cross_reverse
       crosshair diamond_cross dot dotbox double_arrow draft_large draft_small
       draped_box   exchange  fleur  gobbler  gumby  hand1  hand2  heart  icon
       iron_cross left_ptr left_side left_tee leftbutton ll_angle lr_angle man(1,5,7)
       middlebutton   mouse   pencil   pirate  plus  question_arrow  right_ptr
       right_side  right_tee  rightbutton  rtl_logo   sailboat   sb_down_arrow
       sb_h_double_arrow  sb_left_arrow  sb_right_arrow  sb_up_arrow sb_v_dou-
       ble_arrow  shuttle  sizing   spider   spraycan   star(1,4)   target   tcross
       top_left_arrow  top_left_corner  top_right_corner top_side top_tee trek
       ul_angle umbrella ur_angle watch xterm

              On Windows systems, the following cursors are mapped  to  native
              arrow  center_ptr  crosshair  fleur ibeam icon sb_h_double_arrow
              sb_v_double_arrow watch xterm And the following additional  cur-
              sors   are   available:  no  starting  size  size_ne_sw  size_ns
              size_nw_se size_we uparrow wait The no cursor can  be  specified
              to eliminate the cursor.

              On Macintosh systems, the following cursors are mapped to native
              arrow cross crosshair ibeam plus watch xterm And  the  following
              additional cursors are available: text cross-hair

       cursor, option

Tk                                    8.3                           cursors(n)

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