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concat(n)                    Tcl Built-In Commands                   concat(n)

       concat - Join lists together

       concat ?arg arg ...?

       This  command  joins  each  of its arguments together with spaces after
       trimming leading and trailing spaces from each of  them.   If  all  the
       arguments  are  lists,  this  has the same effect as concatenating them
       into a single list.  It permits any number of arguments.  For  example,
       the  command concat a b {c d e} {f {g h}} will return a b c d e f {g h}
       as its result, and concat " a b {c   " d "  e} f" will return a b {c  d
       e} f as its result.

       If no args are supplied, the result is an empty string.

       append(n), eval(n)

       concatenate, join(1,n), lists

Tcl                                   8.3                            concat(n)

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