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bell(n)                      Tk Built-In Commands                      bell(n)

       bell - Ring a display's bell

       bell ?-displayof window? ?-nice?

       This  command  rings  the bell on the display for window and returns an
       empty string.  If the -displayof option is omitted, the display of  the
       application's  main  window  is  used by default.  The command uses the
       current bell-related settings for the display, which  may  be  modified
       with programs such as xset.

       If  -nice  is  not specified, this command also resets the screen saver
       for the screen.  Some screen savers will ignore this, but  others  will
       reset(1,7,1 tput) so that the screen becomes visible again.

       beep(1,3x,3x curs_beep), bell, ring

Tk                                    8.4                              bell(n)

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