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LHA(1)                                                                  LHA(1)

       lha(1,n) - lzh un-archiver

       lha(1,n) [-] { axelvudmcp} [qvnfodizg012] [ w=<dir>] archive_file [file(1,n)(s)]

       The  lha(1,n)  program  displays  or extracts the contents of a LZH archive.
       For a list of commands, please refer to the executable. It will display
       a list of valid commands and modifiers if(3,n) you omit any parameter.

       a      add (or replace) to archive

       l,v    list, verbose list

       u      update(7,n) newer files to archive

       d      delete from archive

       m      move(3x,7,3x curs_move) to archive

       c      reconstruct new archive

       p      print to STDOUT from archive

       t      test file(1,n) CRC in(1,8) archive

       q quiet

       v      verbose

       n      not execute

       f      force (overwrite at extract)

       t      FILES are TEXT-files

       o      use LHarc compatible compression method

       w=dir  specify extract directory

       d      delete files afterwards

       i      ignore directory path

       z      files not compress

       g      Generic format (for compatibility)

       0,1,2  header level

       e      TEXT code convert from/to EUC


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