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SUMMON(8)                    System Administration                   SUMMON(8)

       summon - downloads spell source files

       summon [options] spell(s)

       To download emacs type:

              summon emacs

       summon  is part of the sorcery source-code package management suite. It
       is a command-line tool for automatically downloading a packages'  asso-
       ciated source files.

       Usually,  summon  will  download all source files needed to compile the
       given package(s) with the current configuration.  It will not  download
       dependencies (other packages that the given package needs).

   --from <location>
       This  specifies a different /var/spool/sorcery directory, the directory
       the packages get downloaded to.  (or actually moved to when  the  down-
       load(7,n)  finished)  This  may  seem a strange name, but logical if(3,n) you see
       that cast uses the same name for the same thing.

   --url <url>
       This tries to download the specified spell from a  different  location.
       Specify only the directory, not the file.  There are sorcery options to
       better handle this, this option is not recommended and may  be  removed
       in(1,8) the future.

       This forces download even when the file(1,n) already exists locally, instead
       of skipping it in(1,8) that case.

       Only use the specified grimoire.  Helpful if(3,n) a spell  is  in(1,8)  two  gri-
       moires or if(3,n) you want to summon all spells in(1,8) a specific grimoire.

       Grimoire  names  can  be  absolute  or relative to $CODEX_ROOT, usually

   -p|--print <type>
       Do not download, just print information.  <type> can be either one of

       source print out just the filenames that would be downloaded.

              print out one (the first) URL to all files that would  be  down-

              print  out  all  URLs  that  would  be tried, in(1,8) case one fails.
              (except the fallback mirrors)

       raw(3x,7,8,3x cbreak)    print the filenames and URLs in(1,8) "raw(3x,7,8,3x cbreak)" mode, to be read(2,n,1 builtins) again  by
              summon in(1,8) raw(3x,7,8,3x cbreak) mode.

       Reads the filenames and URLs in(1,8) "raw(3x,7,8,3x cbreak)" mode.  Raw mode consists of lines
       of the type

       <filename> <url1> <url2> ...

       Downloads all spells in(1,8) the install queue(1,3), as generated for example  by
       sorcery --queue

       Downloads  all  spells  in(1,8)  the grimoire.  This is generally not a good
       idea, unless you are running a mirror.  This will  be  several  GB,  so
       make sure you have some time(1,2,n) and a lot of space in(1,8) /var.

   -h, --help
       outputs short help

       Do  not  include  version(1,3,5)  or section when specifying a package. To get
       complete listing of installed software packages and versions type  gaze

       Original version(1,3,5) by Thomas Stewart. Updated by Karsten Behrmann.

       Maintained     by     the     Source     Mage     GNU     Linux    Team

       Report bugs to bugzilla <>

       alter(8), cast(8), cleanse(8), dispel(8), gaze(1), grimoire(5),  scrib-
       bler(8), scribe(8), sorcery_config(8), sorcery(8)

       This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Source Mage GNU Linux            November 2004                       SUMMON(8)

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