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SCRIBE(8)                    System Administration                   SCRIBE(8)

       scribe - tracks, adds and removes grimoires

       scribe <action> [<options>]

       To update(7,n) all grimoires, type

              scribe update(7,n)

       To add the z-rejected and games grimoires, type

              scribe add z-rejected games

       scribe  is  part  of  the sorcery source-code package management suite.
       Scribe is a utility for controlling the grimoires in(1,8)  your  codex,  and
       the spells in(1,8) your grimoires.

       We  refer  to a package as a "spell".  Spells of the same area are col-
       lected in(1,8) "sections".  A collection of sections is  a  "grimoire".   On
       your  box,  you  can  have several grimoires, we call the collection of
       them the "codex".

       Games and binary packages for example are in(1,8) their  own  grimoire,  see

       Note  that  options can be abbreviated to any unambiguous shorter form,
       e.g.  scribe a is the same as scribe add.

       Also, scribe update(7,n) can be abbreviated as scribe u even though unlocal-
       ize has the same first letter.

   add <grimoire> [from <url>] [...]
       This will add the specified grimoire(s) to your codex.  Optionally, you
       can give an url to get it from.

   remove <grimoire>
       will remove the specified grimoire from your codex.

   update(7,n) [<grimoire> [from <url>]]
       will update(7,n) the specified grimoire,  if(3,n)  none  is  specified,  all  are
       updated. You can also give an url here.

   fix <grimoire>
       This  will prompt you for the download URL of the specified grimoire in(1,8)
       order to "repair" it. The same can be done with

              scribe update(7,n) <grimoire> from <url>.

       However, "fix" might get more functions in(1,8) the future.

   reindex [<grimoire>]
       This recreates the index files, of all grimoires or  of  the  specified
       one.   The  index  files  are  a  sorcery  mechanism  to speed up spell

       Always run scribe reindex whenever you  add/remove  spells!  Otherwise,
       strange things will happen!

       shows  a list of grimoires and locations where you have them installed.

   set(7,n,1 builtins) <grim1> <grim2>
       this will put grim1 just before grim2.  Use this if(3,n) there's  spells  in(1,8)
       both grimoires and you want those from grim1 to be used first.

       Note that you can use scribbler(8) for purposes like these too.

   swap <grim1> <grim2>
       This  will swap grim1 and grim2 in(1,8) the grimoire list.  You can use this
       if(3,n) you don't like the order of your grimoires.

   localize <grimoire>
       This marks a grimoire as  local,  which  means  that  scribe  will  not
       attempt to update(7,n) it.

   unlocalize <grimoire>
       The opposite of localize. Removes the local mark.

       To  add  the  grimoire waldo from http://zyzzy/waldo.tar.bz2, you would

              scribe add waldo from http://zyzzy/waldo.tar.bz2

       It should be noted that the source url listed above can be any url sor-
       cery has a handler for. Currently they are

       http, ftp, https, rsync, svn, cvs(1,5), file(1,n) (local file(1,n)), dir (local direc-

       Grimoires are internally represented by the full path to them. They can
       be  uniquely described on the command line by listing the name and how-
       ever many subdirectories are needed to form a unique name.

       For example you may have two grimoires:




       These can be uniquely identified with codex/stable and grimoires/stable

       If  just  stable was specified it would match the first of the two gri-
       moires listed in(1,8) scribe index.

       The Source Mage GNU Linux Team <>

       Report bugs to bugzilla <>

       alter(8), cast(8), cleanse(8), dispel(8), gaze(1), grimoire(5),  scrib-
       bler(8), sorcery(8), sorcery_config(5), summon(8)

       This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Source Mage GNU Linux            November 2004                       SCRIBE(8)

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