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NETROMD(8)               Linux System Managers Manual               NETROMD(8)

       netromd - Send and receive NET/ROM routing messages

       netromd [-c] [-d] [-i] [-l] [-p pause] [-q quality] [-t interval] [-v]

       For  a NET/ROM based network to operate correctly, a periodic broadcast
       of routing information needs to occur. Typically this occurs once every
       hour on every port which is expected to carry NET/ROM traffic. The pur-
       pose of netromd is to send(2,n) and receive NET/ROM routing  broadcasts.  To
       operate  correctly  a  set(7,n,1 builtins) of parameters that corresponds to each AX.25
       port needs to be passed to the program. This information is encoded  in(1,8)
       a  configuration  file(1,n),  by default which is /etc/ax25(3,4)/nrbroadcast with
       each line representing one port,  see  the  manual  page  for  nrbroad-

       To  cut  down the length of these routing broadcasts, only the informa-
       tion about the highest quality  neighbour  for  a  particular  node  is
       transmitted.   The transmission is also limited to those node that have
       a certain minimum value in(1,8)  their  obsolesence  count,  this  value  is
       decremented  every  time(1,2,n)  a  routing  broadcast  is transmitted, and is
       refreshed by receiving a routing broadcast which contains that particu-
       lar node.

       The value of the default quality is traditionally assigned a value that
       represents the quality of the radio links on that port. A higher number
       representing  better  radio  links  with 255 (the maximum) reserved for
       wire connections. The practise in(1,8) the UK is to set(7,n,1 builtins) the default  quality
       to  a  low  value, typically 10, and manually set(7,n,1 builtins) up the trusted neigh-
       bouring nodes in(1,8) the neighbour list manually.  The  worst  quality  for
       auto-updates  value  is  a  way  to filter(1,3x,3x curs_util) out low quality (ie distant)

       The verbose flag may be either 0 or 1,  representing  no  and  yes.  By
       specifying  no,  the  program will only generate a routing message con-
       taining information about the node on which it is running, by  specify-
       ing  the  yes  option,  all the information in(1,8) the nodes routing tables
       will be transmitted.  The quality advertised for the other  node  call-
       signs on this machine may be set(7,n,1 builtins) using the -q option.

       Between  each transmission netromd pauses for five seconds (default) in(1,8)
       order to avoid flooding the channels that it  must  broadcast  on.  The
       value of this delay is settable with the -p option.

       -c              Forces  strict  compliance  to Software 2000 specifica-
                       tions. At present this only determines how node mnemon-
                       ics  with  lower case characters will be handled.  With
                       compliance enabled mixed case node  mnemonics  will  be
                       ignored.  The  default  is  to accept(2,8) node mnemonics of
                       mixed case.

       -d              Switches on debugging messages,  the  default  is  off.
                       Logging must be enabled for them to be output.

       -i              Transmit  a  routing broadcast immediately, the default
                       is to wait for  the  time(1,2,n)  interval  to  elapse  before
                       transmitting the first routing broadcast.

       -l              Enables  logging  of  errors  and debug messages to the
                       system log. The default is off.

       -p pause        Sets the  delay  between  transmissions  of  individual
                       routing broadcast packets. The default is five seconds.

       -q quality      Sets the quality of the subsidiary  nodes  relative  to
                       the main node. The default is 255.

       -t interval     The  time(1,2,n)  interval between routing broadcasts, in(1,8) min-
                       utes. The default is 60 minutes.

       -v              Display the version.


       ax25(3,4)(4), axports(5), nrbroadcast(5), netrom(4), nrparms(8).

       Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <>

Linux                           20 August 1996                      NETROMD(8)

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