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look(1,8,3 Search::Dict)(8)                                                                look(1,8,3 Search::Dict)(8)

       ipsec(5,8) look(1,8,3 Search::Dict) - get a quick summary of FreeS/WAN status

       look(1,8,3 Search::Dict) is used to get a quick overview of what the status of FreeSWAN is.
       It is equivalent to:    ipsec(5,8) eroute(5,8)

          ipsec(5,8) spigrp(5,8)

          ipsec(5,8) tncfg(5,8)

          ipsec(5,8) spi(5,8)

          netstat -rn

       However a bit of processing is done to combine the outputs.

       ipsec(5,8)(8),      ipsec_tncfg(8),      ipsec_spi(8),      ipsec_spigrp(8),
       ipsec_eroute(5), netstat(8).

       Man     page     written    for    the    Linux    FreeS/WAN    project
       <>  by  Michael  Richardson.  Original  program
       written by Henry Spencer.

                                  25 Apr 2002                          look(1,8,3 Search::Dict)(8)

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