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cleanse(8) - cleanse, cleanse - Cleans sorcery system files of lint and accumulated garbage - man 8 cleanse

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CLEANSE(8)                   System Administration                  CLEANSE(8)

       cleanse - Cleans sorcery system files of lint and accumulated garbage

       cleanse    [--packages]   [--delint   [full]]   [--tablet   [coalesce]]
       [--tablet_spell spell-name] [--prune [doit]] [--sweep] [--fix]

       To check everything type:


       cleanse is part of the sorcery source-code package management suite. It
       is a command-line tool for fixing and cleaning files maintained by sor-

              Find bad lines in(1,8) the list of installed  spells.  This  includes
              badly  formated lines, spells that are installed but don't exist
              in(1,8) any grimoires, and duplicate lines.

       --delint [full]
              Finds bad dependency lines. This includes badly formated  lines,
              dependencies  on  spells  that  aren't  installed, and duplicate
              dependencies.  If 'full' is specified, then all  lines  will  be
              examined,  not  just  lines  where at least one of the spells is

       --tablet [coalesce]
              Fixes broken tablets, removes orphaned tablets,  removes  dupli-
              cate  tablets.   If 'coalesce' is specified then duplicate files
              are hardlinked together, this results in(1,8) a significant reduction
              in(1,8) space. Do not use this if(3,n) you plan on editing the tablet with
              an editor that does not break hardlinks.

       --tablet_spell spell-name
              Fixes tablet for just the specified spell.

       --prune [doit]
              Finds spells that should be installed but aren't,  finds  spells
              that  shouldn't  be installed but are, and Prunes the dependency
              shrub. If 'doit' is specified, the cast and dispel  actions  are
              done  for you. Otherwise the suggested commands are given to you
              at the end to run yourself.

              Sweeps up unnecessary sources  and  binary  caches  and  deletes
              them.  Eventualy,  this  will  clean  out old log files as well.
              This replaces 'gaze prune'

       --fix  Discover and fix broken spells. Four  methods  are  used  to  do
              this.     The    methods    may    be    toggled    using   sor-
              cery->Option->Integrity Checking.  A fix is automatically issued
              after a sorcery update.

              Find Check

              Discovers  missing  binary  executables,  libraries  and  header

              MD5Sum Check

              Discovers modified executables and libraries.

              Ldd Check

              Discovers Broken executables and libraries.

              Sym Check

              Discovers miss-owned symbolic links to files.

       -h, --help
              Display short help.

       The config(1,5) files can be edited by hand, but it is easier to  edit  them
       with sorcery.


              Configuration options.


              Various  local  settings  and  compiler  optimisation parameters
              (select(2,7,2 select_tut) with sorcery).


              Installed spell list


              Dependency listings for all installed spells

       Original version(1,3,5) by Paul Mahon.

       Maintained    by     the     Source     Mage     GNU     Linux     Team

       Report bugs to bugzilla <>

       dispel(8), gaze(1), grimoire(5), invoke(8), sorcery(8), scribe(8), sum-
       mon(8), scribbler (8)

       This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Source Mage GNU Linux             August 2004                       CLEANSE(8)

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