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CAST(8)                      System Administration                     CAST(8)

       cast - installs software packages

       cast [options] [package1] ... [package2] ...

       To install emacs type:

              cast emacs

       cast is part of the sorcery source-code package management suite. It is
       a command-line tool for automatically retrieving, unpacking, compiling,
       installing, and tracking software installations.

   -f, --fix
       Used to be: Discover and fix broken spells. Now removed.

       Use cleanse --fix instead.

       First download all spells, then cast.  Normal cast behavior is to down-
       load(7,n) in(1,8) the background while compiling.  This disables that behavior.

       Configures the spells and determines their dependencies, but  does  not
       compiled or installed.

   --cflags, --cxxflags, --ldflags
       Set  custom  cflags/cxxflags/ldflags  values to override those found in(1,8)
       arch specs, and set(7,n,1 builtins) through the sorcery menu.

       Disable the use of optimization flags from arch specs and  the  sorcery
       menu(3x,n,n tk_menuSetFocus),  only  use  those  specified  on  the command line with --cflags,
       --cxxflags, or --ldflags.

   -c, --compile
       Compiles spell even if(3,n) there is a compile cache in(1,8)  /var/cache/sorcery.
       Otherwise, it would just resurrect (untar) it.  Helpful when the system
       configuration changes.

   -r, --reconfigure
       This will prompt you again for optional dependencies and  configuration
       options, even those you answered before.  Implies -c.

   --from directory
       Specify an alternate directory to search for cached sources.  An alter-
       nate to /var/spool/sorcery.  Usually though, you'd just copy the source
       to /var/spool/sorcery.

       re-casts all installed spells that can use linux-pam.

       re-casts  all  spells in(1,8) the install queue(1,3), as generated for example by
       sorcery queue(1,3)

   -V on|off
       overrides the VOYEUR option, which specifies  whether  or  not  compile
       output should be displayed. Helpful if(3,n) you usually have it off and want
       to see where an error(8,n) is.

   -d, --download
       forces redownloading of sources, sources are  freshly  downloaded  even
       when we already have them.

   -R, --recast-down
       recasts  all the spells the given spell(s) depend on (and the ones they
       depend on ...).  This might be quite a lot of spells.

   -B, --recast-up
       recasts all the spells that depend on the given spell(s).

   -h, --help
       Display short help.

       The environment is set(7,n,1 builtins) using the sorcery configuration files.  See sor-

       Casting from an alternate spell cache.

              cast --from /root/sgl/personal/cache emacs

       Do  not  include  version(1,3,5) or section name when specifying a package. To
       get complete listing of software packages type gaze grimoire

       If spell fails during a cast, try recasting  it  with  cast  -r  -c  to
       reconfigure and recompile.

       Unless  the  -from  option  is  specified  cast  will  always check the
       /var/spool/sorcery directory first to see if(3,n) the package exists. If the
       package does not exist it downloads the package via the Internet.

       Original version(1,3,5) by Kyle Sallee, and updated Thomas Stewart.  Rewritten
       and shortened by Karsten Behrmann.

       Maintained    by     the     Source     Mage     GNU     Linux     Team

       Report bugs to bugzilla <>

       alter(8),  cleanse(8),  dispel(8),  gaze(1), grimoire(5), scribbler(8),
       scribe(8), sorcery(8), sorcery_config(5), summon(8)

       This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Source Mage GNU Linux            November 2004                         CAST(8)

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