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backup(8)                                                            backup(8)

       backup - Volume by volume backup of the Coda File System

       backup [-p poll_period] [-t timeout(1,3x,3x cbreak)] <dumplist> [dumpdir]

       backup performs the clone and dump phases of the Coda backup mechanism.
       dumplist is a file(1,n) as described in(1,8) dumplist(5).  It also reads  vicetab
       which is described in(1,8) vicetab(5) to know where to place dump files.

       The  backup  program  creates  many  lines of information as the phases
       progress. It is a good idea to redirect standard output to a log  file.
       A  sample  of this log file(1,n)  backuplogs(5).  After both phases are com-
       pleted, it prints out a list of volumes in(1,8) several groupings, and  some
       histograms  detailing  size and speed of the dumpfiles transferred. The
       first group are the volumes that were successfully  backed  up  on  all
       servers  in(1,8) their VSG. The second group contains volumes that were suc-
       cessful on some, but not all of their VSGs. The  third  group  contains
       volumes  that  were complete failures.  The last group contains volumes
       that are in(1,8) the VLDB or VRDB but not in(1,8) the dumplist.

       The second and third groups use an n-letter word to describe  the  last
       successful  operation  that succeeded on each replica. The kth position
       in(1,8) the n-letter word corresponds to the kth replica in(1,8) the  VRDB  entry
       for  this  volume.  One  of four letters appears in(1,8) each position: "L",
       "C", "D", and "M".  "L" means the replica was only locked, "C" means it
       was  cloned  but not dumped, "D" means it was dumped (but not marked as
       such on the server, see the discusion in(1,8) the manual chapter on backup),
       and "M" means all phases completed successfully.

       backup supports the following command line options:

       -p poll_period
              Number  of  seconds to sleep(1,3) between polls a servers that backup
              thinks are down.

       -t timeout(1,3x,3x cbreak)
              Timout value, in(1,8) seconds, for RPC2 calls.

       volutil (8), dumplist (5), backuplogs (5), Backup chapter of  the  Coda

       David C. Steere, 1991, Created updated 1998, -hmp


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