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ALTER(8)                     System Administration                    ALTER(8)

       alter - changes spells after they have been installed

       alter [action] [parameters]

       alter  is  part of the sorcery source-code package management suite. It
       is a command-line tool to change spells after they have been installed.

       Basically,  what  this  does  is change a spell's logs so sorcery has a
       better idea of what files are supposed to be.  This ought to help  fix-
       ing  the  problems  we've been having running cleanse --fix with md5sum
       checking turned on.

       -a, --alter
              This is the default action of alter.  It will run a command  and
              add  all  the  files  it  touched to the spells' install log and
              change the cache and md5sum log.


              -n|--spell <spell>

              specify which spell to alter.  If not  given,  the  pseudo-spell
              "alter" is altered.  If the spell does not exist yet, it is cre-

              -v|--version <version(1,3,5)>

              specify which version(1,3,5) of the logs to alter.  Note: it seems like
              -v is getting overridden in(1,8) the source !?


              The  main part. This is the command to run. This command will be
              tracked like a command during spell install. Note that this com-
              mand  will be run as "$@"|bash, which means that you may have to
              double-escape some things (or put the whole command in(1,8) '')

       -m, --md5mend <spell(s)>
              This is another major action of alter.  It will scan the install
              logs  of  all  the spells on the command line for files that are
              also in(1,8) the install log of other, "environmental" spells.  those
              files  will  be  removed  from  all environmental spells' md5sum
              logs.  This should fix the problem that cleanse --fix is  overly
              touchy with md5sum checks turned on.

       -p, --prelink [prelink args]
              This  will prelink all binaries on your system. This makes espe-
              cially C++ apps with many links a lot faster  (KDE).  All  files
              touched  will be added to the pseudo-spell "smgl-prelink". alter
              -m smgl-prelink is run automatically.  DO NOT dispel that spell.
              It  is not in(1,8) the sustained spells for some reason, but doing so
              will wipe all executables off your system...

              If no prelink args are given, the defaults are "-afmR".

       -z, --strip-all [strip args]
              This will strip debugging symbols from all binaries on your sys-
              tem.   This  will  make  the  binaries smaller. If you want both
              strip and prelink, strip before  prelink  is  recommended.   The
              pseudo-spell created here is smgl-strip.  The default options to
              strip are "".

       note:  the first time(1,2,n) you run one of these last two commands, They will
              create  /etc/prelink.conf,  a listing of all directories on your
              system that contain binaries. This takes a long time.

       -s, --strip '<spell[s]>' [strip args]
              This lets you strip specified spells.  Several spells have to be
              given as

              alter -s "spell1 spell2" [strip args]

              If one spell is given, the spell logs of that spell are altered.
              If multiple spells are given, smgl-strip is altered.

       -h --help --about
              Displays a longer help message.

       Never dispel an alter (spell alter,  smgl-prelink,  smgl-strip)  unless
       you want to delete everything the alter touched!

       Instead,  use  the  undo archives (created after a md5mend): (This will
       restore the original md5sum logs. Nothing else!)

       dispel -d <spell>-undo <version(1,3,5)> alter -m <spell>-undo

       Note that all these archives take up a lot of space. To save a  drastic
       amount  of  space  in(1,8)  /var, set(7,n,1 builtins) ARCHIVE=off.  In alter, this will keep
       alter from creating compile caches for the spells it touches. This  may
       actually  make sense.  Otherwise, smgl-prelink and smgl-strip will have
       caches of 1-2gig each (your mileage may vary).

       For casts however it may be intelligent to turn ARCHIVE back on so  you
       have an easy rollback in(1,8) case something fails.

       alter  is still under development and freshly written.  Do not use this
       on a production system, it may still be pretty buggy.

       Manpage by Karsten Behrmann, source by Seth Woolley.

       Maintained    by     the     Source     Mage     GNU     Linux     Team

       Report bugs to bugzilla <>

       cast(8),  cleanse(8),  dispel(8),  gaze(1),  grimoire(5), scribbler(8),
       scribe(8), sorcery(8), sorcery_config(8), summon(8)

       This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Source Mage GNU Linux           September 2004                        ALTER(8)

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