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ALTER TRIGGER(7)                 SQL Commands                 ALTER TRIGGER(7)

       ALTER TRIGGER - change the definition of a trigger

       ALTER TRIGGER name ON table RENAME TO newname

       ALTER  TRIGGER  changes  properties  of an existing trigger. The RENAME
       clause changes the name of the given trigger without otherwise changing
       the trigger definition.

       You  must  own  the  table  on  which the trigger acts to be allowed to
       change its properties.

       name   The name of an existing trigger to alter.

       table  The name of the table on which this trigger acts.

              The new name for the trigger.

       To rename(1,2,n) an existing trigger:

       ALTER TRIGGER emp_stamp ON emp RENAME TO emp_track_chgs;

       ALTER TRIGGER is a PostgreSQL extension of the SQL standard.

SQL - Language Statements         2003-11-02                  ALTER TRIGGER(7)

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