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FACTOR(6)                      BSD Games Manual                      FACTOR(6)

     factor(1,6) -- factor(1,6) a number

     factor(1,6) [number ...]

     The factor(1,6) utility will factor(1,6) integers between -2147483648 and
     2147483647 inclusive.  When a number is factored, it is printed, followed
     by a ``:'', and the list of factors on a single line.  Factors are listed
     in(1,8) ascending order, and are preceded by a space.  If a factor(1,6) divides a
     value more than once, it will be printed more than once.

     When factor(1,6) is invoked with one or more arguments, each argument will be

     When factor(1,6) is invoked with no arguments, factor(1,6) reads numbers, one per
     line, from standard input, until end of file(1,n) or error.  Leading white-
     space and empty lines are ignored.  Numbers may be preceded by a single -
     or +.  Numbers are terminated by a non-digit character (such as a new-
     line).  After a number is read(2,n,1 builtins), it is factored.  Input lines must not be
     longer than 255 characters.

     Out of range or invalid input results in(1,8) an appropriate error(8,n) message
     being written to standard error.

     factor(1,6) cannot handle the ``10 most wanted'' factor(1,6) list.

BSD                            February 8, 2004                            BSD

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