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servers(5)                                                          servers(5)

       servers - map server names to numbers

       Each  file(1,n) server has a file(1,n), /vice/db/servers, which maps server names
       to numbers.  The server numbers are 8 bit numbers so a maximum  of  256
       servers  can  be supported.  Once a server number has been assigned, it
       may not be reused.  You should not reassign a server a new  id  without
       initializing the server.

       The  server  numbers  are  used  in(1,8)  too many places, probably the most
       important is in(1,8) the creation of volumes.  The server creating a  volume
       uses  its server number as the first byte of the four-byte volume iden-
       tification number in(1,8) order to ensure uniqueness.

       NOTE: Replicated volume numbers must also be unique, so we reserve part
       of  the range, 0-127 (0-7F hex), for this purpose.  Real server numbers
       must not be allocated from the other subrange, and vice-versa.

       The  format   of   the   file(1,n)   is   the   full   server   name   (e.g.  followed by a tab and then the servers number.
       Any line beginning with a "\#" is considered a comment and is  ignored.
       The following is an example servers file:

       MAHLER.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU          201
       GRIEG.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU           204
       HAYDN.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU           205
       WAGNER.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU          206
       DEBUSSY.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU         212
       SCARLATTI.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU       214
       ROSSINI.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU         215
       PUCCINI.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU         216
       GERSHWIN.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU        218
       SCHUMANN.CODA.CS.CMU.EDU        219


       The  server  numbers and replicated volume prefixes are pulled from the
       same number space.  Separation is enforced only by convention.

       This file(1,n) and /vice/db/hosts should be combined.

       vrdb (5), vsgdb (5), maxgroupid (5), hosts (5)

       Maria R. Ebling, 1990, Created


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