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NRBROADCAST(5)             Linux Programmer's Manual            NRBROADCAST(5)

       nrbroadcast - NET/ROM routing broadcast configuration file.

       Nrbroadcast  is  an  ASCII file(1,n) that contains information about each of
       the physical AX.25 ports that are to have  NET/ROM  routing  broadcasts
       transmitted from them.

       Each line has the following format, each field being delimited by white

              port minobs defqual worstqual verbose

       The field descriptions are:

              port          the port name of the AX.25 port to broadcast on.

              minobs        this is the minimum obsolescence count of a  rout-
                            ing table entry to be broadcast on this port.

              defqual       this is the default quality of an incoming routing
                            broadcast from an unknown neighbour.

              worstqual     this is the worst quality  node  received  from  a
                            routing  broadcast that will be added to our rout-
                            ing table.

              verbose       whether the routes to all of my nodes in(1,8) my  rout-
                            ing  table,  or  just  the  nodes  resident  on my
                            machine are to be broadcast.


       call(1), netrom(4), axports(5), netromd(8), nrparms(8).

Linux                            2 August 1996                  NRBROADCAST(5)

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