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CLIENTS(5)                                                          CLIENTS(5)

       clients - RADIUS clients file(1,n)

       The  clients  file(1,n) resides in(1,8) the radius database directory, by default
       /etc/raddb. Its use is depreciated in(1,8) favour of clients.conf.

       Every line starting with a hash sign ('#') is treated  as  comment  and

       Each line of the file(1,n) contains two white-space delimited fields.

       client The RADIUS clients hostname.  This may be a plain hostname, or a
              dotted-quad IP address.

       secret This is the so-called "shared secret" that  is  held  between  a
              RADIUS  server  and  client.  It is used to encrypt passwords in(1,8)
              RADIUS packets, and also for authentication. You need to config-
              ure  the  same secret on the client (terminal server) as in(1,8) this

       The clients file(1,n) is read(2,n,1 builtins) by radiusd(5,8) on startup only.


       radiusd(5,8)(8), clients.conf(5) naslist(5)

                                 16 March 2001                      CLIENTS(5)

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