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backuplogs(5)                                                    backuplogs(5)

       backuplogs.<DDMMMYY> - Format of a Coda backup log file(1,n)

       A  backuplog  is  created each day with day, month and year appended to
       the name "backuplogs".  The  file(1,n)  backuplogs  contains  the  following
       information collected by the backup and BSD dump programs:

             the cloning process of each replica that makes up a Volume

             the dump of each replica to local tape

             Attempts  to retry failed operations such as unable to contact a

             Successfully volumes (incrementals are  marked,  otherwise  full
              backups are assumed

             Lists any volumes that failed to be backed up

             Lists any partially backup volumes (e.g if(3,n) a replica was missed)

             BSD Dump statistics

             the disk image file(1,n) names dumped to tape

       This file(1,n) may be used to  identify  successful,  partially  successful,
       partially  failed,  or  complete  failures of a backup to occur.  It is
       also used to identify the replica file(1,n) names that make up a  Volume  to
       used  by merge(1,8)(8) to restore a replica.  Also note that the BSD restore
       command is used to retrieve files from a  tape  listed  in(1,8)  the  backu-
       plogs.<date>  file.  Restore should be done via restore(1) command pro-
       vided by the BSD-DUMP facility.  The the most recent incremental(s) are
       then merged with the most recent full backup of a volume.

       date: Mon 01/05/98

       00:05:26 Partition /backup1: 2561728 available size (1K blocks, minfree=5%), 256
       1715 free blocks.
       00:05:26 Partition /backup2: 2561728 available size (1K blocks, minfree=5%), 256
       1715 free blocks.
       00:05:26 Partition /backup3: 2559782 available size (1K blocks, minfree=5%), 255
       9767 free blocks.
       00:05:26 VLDBLookup: VLDB_size unset. Calling VCheckVLDB()
       00:05:26 7f0003f4: cloning
       00:05:29        e20000af->e20000b0
       00:05:33        e10000bd->e10000be
       00:05:36        e30000ae->e30000af
       00:09:34 7f0003ef: cloning
       00:09:57        e2000093->e20000ad
       00:10:27        e10000a1->e10000bb
       00:10:57        e3000092->e30000b4
       00:29:02 Dumping 7f0003f4.e20000af to /backup1/05Jan1998/massenet.coda.cs.cmu.ed
       u-7f0003f4.e20000af ...
       00:29:02                Transferred 112131 bytes

       00:29:02 Dumping 7f0003f4.e10000bd to /backup2/05Jan1998/
       -7f0003f4.e10000bd ...
       00:29:03                Transferred 112131 bytes

       00:29:03 Dumping 7f0003f4.e30000ae to /backup1/05Jan1998/ ...
       00:29:14                Transferred 3768325 bytes
       01:12:12 Dumping 7f0003ef.e2000093 to /backup1/05Jan1998/ ...
       01:18:31                Transferred 119182513 bytes

       01:18:31 Dumping 7f0003ef.e10000a1 to /backup2/05Jan1998/ ...
       01:33:44                Transferred 119182513 bytes

       01:33:44 Dumping 7f0003ef.e3000092 to /backup3/05Jan1998/ ...
       01:42:03                Transferred 119172268 bytes

       03:58:16                Transferred 309842 bytes

       03:58:19 Attempting to retry any failed operations.
       03:58:19 Successfully backed-up Volumes:
       03:58:19 0x7f0003f4 (incremental)       f:u.satya2
       03:58:19 0x7f0003ef                     f:u.mre
       03:58:19 Only partially successfully backed-up Volumes:
       03:58:19 Volumes that FAILED backup:
       03:58:19 Volumes that were NOT backed-up:
       03:58:19 0x7f000394                     t.test


       ---------> Partition /backup:
       ---------> command: mt -f /dev/nst0 rewind
       ---------> command: restore -b 500 -s 1 -f /dev/nst0 -t /
       Level 0 dump of /backup on
       Label: none
       Dump   date: Mon Jan  5 04:05:14 1998
       Dumped from: the epoch
                2      .
               11      ./lost+found
             2041      ./05Jan1998
             4081      ./05Jan1998/
             4082      ./05Jan1998/
             4087      ./05Jan1998/
             6121      ./05Jan1998/
             6122      ./05Jan1998/
             6127      ./05Jan1998/
             8161      ./05Jan1998/
             8162      ./05Jan1998/
             8167      ./05Jan1998/

       backup (8), dump (1), restore (1), dumplist (5), vicetab (5), merge(1,8) (8)

       Joshua Raiff, 1993, Taken from the System Administrators Guide.

       Henry M. Pierce, 1998, updated.


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