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subs(3)                Perl Programmers Reference Guide                subs(3)

       subs - Perl pragma to predeclare sub names

           use subs qw(frob);
           frob 3..10;

       This will predeclare all the subroutine whose names are in(1,8) the list,
       allowing you to use them without parentheses even before they're

       Unlike pragmas that affect the $^H hints variable, the "use vars" and
       "use subs" declarations are not BLOCK-scoped.  They are thus effective
       for the entire file(1,n) in(1,8) which they appear.  You may not rescind such
       declarations with "no vars" or "no subs".

       See "Pragmatic Modules" in(1,8) perlmodlib and "strict subs" in(1,8) strict.

perl v5.8.5                       2001-09-21                           subs(3)

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