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sasl_getprop(10 July 2001)                          sasl_getprop(10 July 2001)

       sasl_getprop - Get a SASL property

       #include <sasl/sasl.h>

       int sasl_getprop(sasl_conn_t *conn,
                       int propnum,
                       const void ** pvalue);

       sasl_getprop  gets(3,n) the value of a SASL property. For example after suc-
       cessful authentication a server may  wish  to  know  the  authorization
       name.  Or  a  client  application  may wish to know the strength of the
       negotiated security layer.

       conn is the SASL connection object.  propnum is the identifier for  the
       property  requested and pvalue is filled in(1,8) on success. List of proper-
       ties follows:

       SASL_USERNAME     -  pointer to NUL terminated user name
       SASL_SSF          -  security layer security strength factor(1,6),
                            if(3,n) 0, call to sasl_encode, sasl_decode unnecessary
       SASL_MAXOUTBUF    -  security layer max output buf unsigned
       SASL_DEFUSERREALM -  server authentication realm used
       SASL_GETOPTCTX    -  context for getopt(1,3,3 Getopt::Std) callback
       SASL_IPLOCALPORT  -  local address string(3,n)
       SASL_IPREMOTEPORT -  remote address string(3,n)
       SASL_SERVICE      -  service passed to sasl_*_new
       SASL_SERVERFQDN   -  serverFQDN passed to sasl_*_new
       SASL_AUTHSOURCE   -  name of auth source last used, useful for failed
                            authentication tracking
       SASL_MECHNAME     -  active mechanism name, if(3,n) any
       SASL_PLUGERR      -  similar to sasl_errdetail

       Returns SASL_OK on success. SASL error(8,n) code on failure.

       RFC 2222

       sasl(3), sasl_errors(3), sasl_server_new(3), sasl_client_new(3)

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