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lber-memory(3) - ber_memalloc, ber_memcalloc, ber_memfree, ber_memrealloc, ber_memvfree - LBER memory allocators - man 3 lber-memory

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LBER_MEMORY(3)                                                  LBER_MEMORY(3)

       ber_memalloc,  ber_memcalloc, ber_memrealloc, ber_memfree, ber_memvfree
       - LBER memory allocators

       OpenLDAP LBER (liblber, -llber)

       #include <lber.h>

       void *ber_memalloc(ber_len_t bytes);

       void *ber_memcalloc(ber_len_t nelems, ber_len_t bytes);

       void *ber_memrealloc(void *ptr, ber_len_t bytes);

       void ber_memfree(void *ptr);

       void ber_memvfree(void **vec);

       These routines are used to allocate/deallocate memory used/returned  by
       the  Lightweight  BER  library  as required by lber-encode(3) and lber-
       decode(3).   ber_memalloc(),  ber_memcalloc(),  ber_memrealloc(),   and
       ber_memfree()  are used exactly like the standard malloc(3), calloc(3),
       realloc(3), and free(3)  routines,  respectively.   The  ber_memvfree()
       routine  is  used  to free a dynamically allocated array of pointers to
       arbitrary dynamically allocated objects.

       lber-decode(3), lber-encode(3), lber-types(3)

       OpenLDAP  is  developed  and  maintained  by   The   OpenLDAP   Project
       (   OpenLDAP  is  derived  from University of
       Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

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