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SSL_set_session(3) - SSL_set_session - set a TLS/SSL session to be used during TLS/SSL connect - man 3 SSL_set_session

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SSL_set_session(3)                  OpenSSL                 SSL_set_session(3)

       SSL_set_session - set(7,n,1 builtins) a TLS/SSL session to be used during TLS/SSL con-

        #include <openssl/ssl.h>

        int SSL_set_session(SSL *ssl, SSL_SESSION *session);

       SSL_set_session() sets session to be used when the TLS/SSL connection
       is to be established. SSL_set_session() is only useful for TLS/SSL
       clients.  When the session is set(7,n,1 builtins), the reference count of session is
       incremented by 1. If the session is not reused, the reference count is
       decremented again during SSL_connect(). Whether the session was reused
       can be queried with the SSL_session_reused(3) call.

       If there is already a session set(7,n,1 builtins) inside ssl (because it was set(7,n,1 builtins) with
       SSL_set_session() before or because the same ssl was already used for a
       connection), SSL_SESSION_free() will be called for that session.

       SSL_SESSION objects keep internal link(1,2) information about the session
       cache list, when being inserted into one SSL_CTX object's session
       cache.  One SSL_SESSION object, regardless of its reference count, must
       therefore only be used with one SSL_CTX object (and the SSL objects
       created from this SSL_CTX object).

       The following return values can occur:

       0   The operation failed; check the error(8,n) stack to find out the reason.

       1   The operation succeeded.

       ssl(3), SSL_SESSION_free(3), SSL_get_session(3), SSL_session_reused(3),

0.9.7d                            2001-10-12                SSL_set_session(3)

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