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IPC(2)                     Linux Programmer's Manual                    IPC(2)

       socketcall - socket(2,7,n) system calls

       int socketcall(int call, unsigned long *args);

       socketcall  is a common kernel entry point for the socket(2,7,n) system calls.
       call determines which socket(2,7,n) function to  invoke.   args  points  to  a
       block  containing the actual arguments, which are passed through to the
       appropriate call.

       User programs should call the  appropriate  functions  by  their  usual
       names.   Only  standard library implementors and kernel hackers need to
       know about socketcall.

       This call is specific to Linux, and should  not  be  used  in(1,8)  programs
       intended to be portable.

       accept(2,8)(2),  bind(2,n,1 builtins)(2),  connect(2),  getpeername(1,2)(2), getsockname(2), get-
       sockopt(2), listen(1,2,7)(2), recv(2), recvfrom(2), send(2,n)(2),  sendto(2),  set-
       sockopt(2), shutdown(2,8)(2), socket(2,7,n)(2), socketpair(2)

Linux 1.2.4                       1995-04-15                            IPC(2)

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