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xfce(1F)                                                              xfce(1F)

       xftree - File manager for XFce

       xftree [--display] [-v] [-g] [<directory>]

       --display host:dpy
             specifies the server to connect to.

             Verbose mode, give some output on startup.

       <dir> Use this directory as the root for the tree on startup.

       -g <x-geometry>
             Define the geometry of the toplevel window, e.g.  -g 300x400

       xftree  is the File Manager of XFce, the Cholesterol Free Desktop Envi-

       Starting xftree will use the home directory as the default root  direc-
       tory if(3,n) no directory is specified.

       Right  mouse  button: pops up a context menu(3x,n,n tk_menuSetFocus) (which depends on selected

       Left mouse button: select(2,7,2 select_tut) an item; [SHIFT] allow selection of  multiple
       items and [CTRL] will add/remove items to the selection.

       Middle  mouse  button:  useful for drag and drop, as the selection will
       not be changed.

       DoubleClick: start the selected application or if(3,n) the item is a regular
       file(1,n),  start the registered program and pass the file(1,n) name as argument.

       Alt+DoubleClick: same as above but start in(1,8) a terminal program.  If the
       item is a directory, change the root of the tree to that directory.

       Drag and Drop: By default, drag and drop copy the items.  If [SHIFT] is
       pressed during drag, items are moved instead of copied.  The same  way,
       holding  [CTRL+SHIFT] during drag'n drop will link(1,2) the items.  Drag and
       drop of URL is allowed, e.g. from mozilla. The corresponding file(1,n)  will
       be downloaded.

       Alt+A  select(2,7,2 select_tut) all items in(1,8) the current directory.

              Unselect all.

       Ctrl+A display the 'about' dialog.

       Alt+D  duplicate the marked file.

              hide/show hidden files (dotfiles).

       Alt+E  empty the trash folder.

       Alt+F  find files in(1,8) the current folder.

       Alt+G  go  to  selected directory or prompt the user if(3,n) no directory is

       Alt+H  go to home directory.

       Alt+I  properties/information on selected items.

       Alt+J  register an application for a file(1,n) name suffix.

       Alt+K  create a new file.

       Alt+N  create a new directory.

       Alt+Q  quit the program.

       Alt+R  rename(1,2,n) selected file(1,n)/directory.

       Alt+T  open(2,3,n) trash folder in(1,8) a new window.

       Alt+U  go one directory up.

       Alt+W  close(2,7,n) current window.

       Ctrl+X delete selected items.

              xftree registry

              xftree's trash directory

       xfce, xftree, xfwm, xfpager, xfsound, xfmouse, xfbd, xfclock

       xftree is based on xtree (c) Rasca, Berlin

       xfce is written by Olivier Fourdan (

                                Olivier Fourdan                       xfce(1F)

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