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worker(1)                                                            worker(1)

       worker - file(1,n) manager for the X Window System

       worker [options]
       worker [directory1[ directory2]]

       worker  is a graphical file(1,n) manager for the X Window System. It use the
       classical two-panel-view of the files and  directories.  It  hast  many
       intern operations while any extern program can also be used for operate
       on the selected items.
       You can easily add actions to filetypes or  buttons  with  the  builtin
       configuration program.
       For  details  read(2,n,1 builtins)  the  documentation available at the worker homepage
       (see below).

       -h, --help
              This shows a little help about options and quits immediately

       -V, --version
              This shows the program version(1,3,5)

       any other argument will be interpreted as  directory  to  show  on  the
       left side.
       A second arg can be a directory to show right.

       The homepage of worker is
       There you can check for new version(1,3,5), browse online documentation,...

       Ralf Hoffmann <>

Worker file(1,n) manager             March 13, 2003                       worker(1)

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