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TIE(1L)                                                                TIE(1L)

       tie - merge(1,8) or apply WEB change files

       tie -c|-m outputfile masterfile changefile...

       The  tie program is  used to process multiple change  files  used  with
       the WEB system  for  literate  programming. The WEB programs  allow  to
       apply  patches  to a source file(1,n) (the masterfile) by  means of a number
       of change files (often only a single change file(1,n) is allowed).  Tie  can
       be  used   to either merge(1,8) up to nine change files into a single one or
       to apply the changes to the masterfile in(1,8) order to create  a  new  one.
       Output  of  either the  new change file(1,n) or the patched master(5,8) file(1,n) goes
       into outputfile.

       -c     Create a single change file(1,n) from the given changefiles.

       -m     Create a new master(5,8) file(1,n) by applying the given changefiles.

       web(1), cweb(1l).

       Klaus Guntermann, TH Darmstadt, Institut  f.  Theoretische  Informatik.
       Man page by Joachim Schnitter, TH Darmstadt, Phys. Chemie I.

                                    9/24/92                            TIE(1L)

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