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SWITCH(1)                                                            SWITCH(1)

       gtk-theme-switch  - fast and easy tool for switching and installing GTK

       -h[elp] (display command-line argument reference)
       -d[ock] (open(2,3,n) dock)
       file(1,n) (switch(1,n) to theme (install if(3,n) theme is a tarball))
       -p[review] file(1,n) (preview a theme (install if(3,n) file(1,n) is a tarball))
       -i[nstall] theme.tar.gz (install a .tar.gz)
       -f[ont] fontstring (set(7,n,1 builtins) GTKs main font to fontstring)

       Multiple command line arguments can be passed to the executable on  the
       same invocation.

       Passing no arguments will start gtk-theme-switch in(1,8) dock-mode.

       gtk-theme-switch is a Gtk+ theme switching utility that can be run from
       the console(4,n), and has an optional GUI dock and theme  preview.  It  also
       can install themes downloaded from

       "file(1,n)" represents any one of (looked for in(1,8) the listed order):

       1.     An absoulte or relative path to a GTK theme directory.

       2.     A  gzipped  tar  file(1,n)  which expands to a GTK theme directory as
              explained in(1,8) 1).

       3.     A GTK theme directory with the name passed located in(1,8) ~/.themes.

       4.     A GTK theme directory with the name passed located in(1,8) the global

       If none of these files are located and found to be correct, the program
       will exit(3,n,1 builtins) with an error.

       See  the  README  file(1,n)  in(1,8) the distribution for a command-line summary.
       This can also be obtained by running switch(1,n) -help.

       This program is copyright (c) 2000 by Maher Awamy <> and
       Aaron Lehmann <>.

       Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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