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STAT(1)                          User Commands                         STAT(1)

       stat(1,2) - display file(1,n) or filesystem status

       stat(1,2) [OPTION] FILE...

       Display file(1,n) or filesystem status.

       -f, --filesystem
              display filesystem status instead of file(1,n) status

       -c  --format=FORMAT
              use the specified FORMAT instead of the default

       -L, --dereference
              follow links

       -t, --terse
              print the information in(1,8) terse form

       --help display this help and exit(3,n,1 builtins)

              output version(1,3,5) information and exit(3,n,1 builtins)

       The valid format sequences for files (without --filesystem):

       %A     Access rights in(1,8) human readable form

       %a     Access rights in(1,8) octal

       %B     The size in(1,8) bytes of each block reported by `%b'

       %b     Number of blocks allocated (see %B)

       %D     Device number in(1,8) hex

       %d     Device number in(1,8) decimal

       %F     File type

       %f     Raw mode in(1,8) hex

       %G     Group name of owner

       %g     Group ID of owner

       %h     Number of hard links

       %i     Inode number

       %N     Quoted File name with dereference if(3,n) symbolic link(1,2)

       %n     File name

       %o     IO block size

       %s     Total size, in(1,8) bytes

       %T     Minor device type in(1,8) hex

       %t     Major device type in(1,8) hex

       %U     User name of owner

       %u     User ID of owner

       %X     Time of last access(2,5) as seconds since Epoch

       %x     Time of last access(2,5)

       %Y     Time of last modification as seconds since Epoch

       %y     Time of last modification

       %Z     Time of last change as seconds since Epoch

       %z     Time of last change

       Valid format sequences for file(1,n) systems:

       %a     Free blocks available to non-superuser

       %b     Total data blocks in(1,8) file(1,n) system

       %c     Total file(1,n) nodes in(1,8) file(1,n) system

       %d     Free file(1,n) nodes in(1,8) file(1,n) system

       %f     Free blocks in(1,8) file(1,n) system

       %i     File System id in(1,8) hex

       %l     Maximum length of filenames

       %n     File name

       %s     Optimal transfer block size

       %T     Type in(1,8) human readable form

       %t     Type in(1,8) hex

       Written by Michael Meskes.

       Report bugs to <>.

       Copyright  2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR  A  PARTICULAR

       The  full documentation for stat(1,2) is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
       the info(1,5,n) and stat(1,2) programs are properly installed  at  your  site,  the

              info(1,5,n) coreutils stat(1,2)

       should give you access(2,5) to the complete manual.

stat(1,2) (coreutils) 5.2.1            March 2004                           STAT(1)

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