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SIGN.1(1)             User Contributed Perl Documentation            SIGN.1(1)

               sign - OpenCA PKCS#7 Sign Tool

               sign [-in file(1,n)][-out file(1,n)][-cert file(1,n)][-keyfile file(1,n)]
               [-key passwd(1,5)][-nd][-verbose]

       You can find two programs in(1,8) this distro: sign and verify. The first
       signs given data, adds to the signature a time(1,2,n), the siger's certificate
       and, if(3,n) wanted, the data (not encrypted).

       Signing tool syntax is as follows:

       usage: sign args

        -in file(1,n)        - Input file(1,n)
        -out file(1,n)       - File where to write(1,2) to
        -cert file(1,n)      - Certificate file(1,n)
        -keyfile file(1,n)   - Sign key file(1,n)
        -key            - Password protecting the private key
        -nd             - No detach signature
        -verbose        - Verbose printing

       Jus one note on the -nd flag: when used the data is added to the PKCS7
       structure toghether with signature and other stuff. It is possible to
       retrieve such data using the corresponding verify(1,8) tool.

               sign -in README -out README.sig -cert cert.pem -keyfile key.pem \
                       -key mypasswd -nd

       Massimiliano Pala <>

       OpenCA::verify, OpenCA::OpenSSL, OpenCA::X509, OpenCA::CRL,
       OpenCA::REQ, OpenCA::Tools

3rd Berkeley Distribution         perl v5.6.1                        SIGN.1(1)

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