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REM(1)                                                                  REM(1)

       rem - run 'remind' with a default reminder file(1,n)

       rem [-F filename] [remind_options] [remind_params]

       Rem   runs   the  remind  program  with  a  default  reminder  file(1,n)  of
       "$HOME/.reminders".  You can supply remind options on the command line,
       as well as a date specification, just as with remind.

       If you don't want to use the default filename, you can override it with
       the "-F" option, followed by a space and a filename.   (This,  however,
       defeats the purpose of rem)

       For example, typing:

            rem -c 1 jan 1992

       has the same effect as typing:

            remind -c $HOME/.reminders 1 jan 1992

       David F. Skoll

       remind, kall

4th Berkeley Distribution      15 February 1998                         REM(1)

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