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record(1)                                                            record(1)

       record - records *.wav files

       record [ options ]

       record  records  *.wav  files  in(1,8)  CD  quality  (i.e.  44100 Hz, 16bit,
       stereo).  It has a input level meter, which might be useful  for  sound
       trouble shooting (check if(3,n) the mixer settings ok for recording from the
       TV card etc.)

       -h     display help text

       -o file(1,n)
              basename(1,3,3 File::Basename) for the output file(1,n)(s), a number and the .wav extention
              are added by record.  Default is "record".

       -i dev mixer  control.  This should be the one where you can adjust the
              record level for your audio source.  Default is  "line".   "mic"
              and  "igain"  are good candidates too.  Best way to figure is to
              start your favorite mixer tool and check out which one works ...

       -m dev set(7,n,1 builtins) mixer device.  Default is "/dev/mixer".

       -d dev set(7,n,1 builtins) audio device.  Default is "/dev/dsp".

       -r rate
              set(7,n,1 builtins) sample rate.  Default is 44100.

       -p sec peak  seconds (number of seconds which should be scanned for the
              volume maximum).  This affects both peak level display and level
              triggered recording (see below).  Default is 1.5 seconds.

       record can also be used non-interactive:

       -c     enable console(4,n) (non-interactive) mode.

       -v     be verbose (console(4,n) mode only).

       -t mm:ss
              Limit  the  record  time(1,2,n) (console(4,n) mode only).  By default record
              records until stopped by a signal(2,7) (by typing ^C for example).

       -s size
              Limit the file(1,n) size (console(4,n) mode only).  record  will  continue
              with a new file(1,n) once the limit is reached.

       -n num Limit  the  file(1,n)  count  (console(4,n)  mode only).  record will stop
              recording after num files.

       -l     Enable level triggered recording (console(4,n) mode  only)  with  the
              default trigger level (1000).

       -L level
              Enable  level  triggered  recording  with  the specified trigger

       If level triggered recording is active,  record  will  start  and  stop
       recording  depending on the signal(2,7) strength.  Recording will be started
       if(3,n) the signal(2,7) strength is above the trigger level (1000/32768 => around
       3%).   Recording  will  be  stopped  if(3,n) the signal(2,7) is below the trigger
       level for some time(1,2,n) (1.5 seconds by  default,  the  -p  switch(1,n)  changes

       Gerd Knorr <>

                                (c) Gerd Knorr                       record(1)

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