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RECEIVE(1)                                                          RECEIVE(1)

       receive - receive files from the sendfile(1,2) spool

       receive [ -d ] [ -r ] [ -k ] [ -P ] [ -S ] [ -Z spool ] [ -q ] [ -ffrom
       ] file(1,n) [...]
       receive -n [ -d ] [ -r ] [ -k ] [ -P ] [ -S ] [  -Z  spool  ]  [  -q  ]
       file-number [...]
       receive [ -s ] [ -l ] [ -L ] [ -R ] [ -ffrom ]
       receive -b file(1,n) [ -f"from" ] [...]  user[@host(1,5)]
       receive -bn file-number [...]  user[@host(1,5)]
       receive -ba user[@host(1,5)]

       receive files from the sendfile(1,2) spool which has been sent to you.

       If  there is already a file(1,n) with the same name you will be prompted for
       overwriting or renaming.

       Allowed wildcards in(1,8) file(1,n) names are: * ? [abc] [^abc]
       CAUTION: you have to put wildcards and other special characters  in(1,8)  
       quotes to hide them for interpretation by your shell.

       -n      receive file(1,n) number(s)

       -d      delete instead of receive

       -a      receive (or delete) all files

       -r      rename(1,2,n) before receiving

       -k      keep files in(1,8) spool after receiving

       -P      pipe(2,8) files to stdout

       -S      receive only pgp-signed files

       -s      list files in(1,8) short format

       -l      list files

       -L      list files and look(1,8,3 Search::Dict) inside archives, too

       -R      renumber files in(1,8) spool

       -b      bounce (forward) files to another recipient

       -q      quiet mode: no questions asked

       -fuser  all actions refer only to files from this user

       -Z spool
               specify an alternate spool directory

       receive -L
       list all files in(1,8) long format.

       receive 'blubb*'
       receive all files starting with string(3,n) "blubb".

       receive -daf
       delete all files from sites.

       /var/spool/sendfile(1,2)   The sendfile(1,2) spool directory.

                             A log of the last transfers.

                             Users  which  are not allowed to receive files or
                             messages (set(7,n,1 builtins) by root).


       Ulli Horlacher  -

3rd Berkeley Distribution                                           RECEIVE(1)

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