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POST(LOCAL)                                                        POST(LOCAL)

       post - news poster

       post  [  -n newsgroups  ]  [ -s subject ] [ -d distribution ] [ -f fol-
       lowup-to ] [ -p quote-prefix ] [ - | news-article ]

       Post posts a news article to Usenet via inews, uux, or mail.  Given  an
       optional  argument  of the name of a file(1,n) containing a news article, or
       an argument of `-' and a news article via stdin, post creates a follow-
       up  article,  with an attribution and quoted text.  Post can be invoked
       as a filter(1,3x,3x curs_util) from a newsreader: `|post -' would create a followup  arti-
       cle to the current article in(1,8) the newsreader.  The newsgroups, subject,
       distribution, follow-up, and quote-prefix (the default is ` > ') can be
       specified on the command line.

       Post  is  compatible  with C-News, B-news, and bsnews (Bootstrap News).
       On systems with inews, the newsgroups and distribution are validated in(1,8)
       the appropriate news system files.

       The  environment variable EDITOR overrides the default editor.  ORGANI-
       ZATION overrides the  file(1,n)  /usr/lib/news/organization  to  specify  an
       optional  Organization  header.  On non-UnixTM systems, the environment
       variable HOST may be used to override the Icon  keyword  &host(1,5)  as  the

       The  code  to validate newsgroups assumes the file(1,n) /usr/lib/news/active
       is sorted.

       Ronald Florence (  The code  to  generate  a  temporary
       file(1,n)   name   is  from  Richard  Goerwitz  (
       Options.icn is from the Icon Program Library.

                                  2 Oct 1991                       POST(LOCAL)

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