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PERLFREEBSD(1)         Perl Programmers Reference Guide         PERLFREEBSD(1)

       README.freebsd - Perl version(1,3,5) 5 on FreeBSD systems

       This document describes various features of FreeBSD that will affect
       how Perl version(1,3,5) 5 (hereafter just Perl) is compiled and/or runs.

       FreeBSD core dumps from readdir_r with ithreads

       When perl is configured to use ithreads, it will use re-entrant library
       calls in(1,8) preference to non-re-entrant versions.  There is a bug in(1,8)
       FreeBSD's "readdir_r" function in(1,8) versions 4.5 and earlier that can
       cause a SEGV when reading large directories. A patch for FreeBSD libc
       is available (see
       ) which has been integrated into FreeBSD 4.6.

       $^X doesn't always contain a full path in(1,8) FreeBSD

       perl 5.8.0 sets $^X where possible to a full path by asking the operat-
       ing system. On FreeBSD the full path of the perl interpreter is found
       by reading the symlink /proc(5,n)/curproc/file(1,n). There is a bug on FreeBSD,
       where the result of reading this symlink is can be wrong in(1,8) certain
       circumstances (see ).
       In these cases perl will fall back to the old behaviour of using C's
       argv[0] value for $^X.

       Perl will no longer be part of "base FreeBSD"

       Not as bad as it sounds--what this means is that Perl will no longer be
       part of the kernel build system of FreeBSD.  Perl will still very prob-
       ably be part of the "default install", and in(1,8) any case the latest ver-
       sion(1,3,5) will be in(1,8) the ports system.  The first FreeBSD version(1,3,5) this
       change will affect is 5.0, all 4.n versions will keep the status quo.

       Nicholas Clark <>, collating wisdom supplied by Slaven
       Rezic and Tim Bunce.

       Please report any errors, updates, or suggestions to

perl v5.8.5                       2004-04-23                    PERLFREEBSD(1)

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