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PERLEPOC(1)            Perl Programmers Reference Guide            PERLEPOC(1)

       README.epoc - Perl for EPOC

       Perl 5 README file(1,n) for the EPOC Release 5 operating system.

       EPOC is an OS for palmtops and mobile phones. For more informations
       look(1,8,3 Search::Dict) at:

       This is a port of perl to the epocemx SDK by Eberhard Mattes, which
       itself uses the SDK by symbian. Essentially epocemx it is a POSIX look(1,8,3 Search::Dict)
       alike environment for the EPOC OS.  For more information look(1,8,3 Search::Dict) at:

       perl and epocemx runs on Epoc Release 5 machines: Psion 5mx, 5mx Pro,
       Psion Revo, Psion Netbook and on the Ericson M128. It may run on Epoc
       Release 3 Hardware (Series 5 classic), too. For more information about
       this hardware please refer to

       Vendors which like to have support for their devices are free to send(2,n)
       me a sample.

       You can download a ready-to-install version(1,3,5) from

       You will need at least ~6MB free space in(1,8) order to install and run

       Please install the emxusr.sis package from http://epocemx.source- first.

       Install perl.sis on the EPOC machine. If you do not know how to do
       that, consult your PsiWin documentation.

       Perl itself and its standard library is using 4 MB disk space.  Unicode
       support and some other modules are left out. (For details, please look(1,8,3 Search::Dict)
       into epoc/ If you like to use these modules, you are free
       to copy them from a current perl release.

       Please use the epocemx shell to start perl. perl integrates with the
       conventions of epocemx.

       Editors on Epoc

       A suitable text editor can be downloaded from symbian http://www.sym-

       Features of Perl on Epoc

       The built-in function EPOC::getcwd returns the current directory.

       Restrictions of Perl on Epoc

       Features are left out, because of restrictions of the POSIX support in(1,8)

          socket(2,7,n) IO is only implemented poorly. You can only use sysread and
           syswrite on them. The commands read(2,n,1 builtins), write(1,2), print, <> do not work
           for sockets. This may change iff epocemx supports sockets.

          kill(1,2,1 builtins), alarm(1,2) and signals. Do not try to use them. This may be impos-
           sible to implement on EPOC.

          select(2,7,2 select_tut) is missing.

          binmode does not exist. (No CR LF to LF translation for text files)

          EPOC does not handle the notion of current drive and current direc-
           tory very well (i.e. not at all, but it tries hard to emulate one).
           See PATH.

          Heap is limited to 4MB.

          Dynamic loading is not implemented.

       Compiling Perl 5 on the EPOC cross compiling environment

       Sorry, this is far too short.

          You will need the epocemx SDK from Eberhard Mattes.

          Get the Perl sources from your nearest CPAN site.

          Unpack the sources.

          Build a native perl from this sources... Make sure to save the
           miniperl executable as miniperl.native.

           Start again from scratch

                 cp epoc/* .
                 ./Configure -S
                 cp miniperl.native miniperl
                 touch miniperl.exe

                 emxsis perl.pkg perl.sis

       I'm offering this port "as is". You can ask me questions, but I can't
       guarantee I'll be able to answer them. Since the port to epocemx is
       quite new, please check the web for updates first.

       Very special thanks to Eberhard Mattes for epocemx.

       Olaf Flebbe <>


perl v5.8.5                       2004-04-23                       PERLEPOC(1)

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