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PERLBOOK(1)            Perl Programmers Reference Guide            PERLBOOK(1)

       perlbook - Perl book information

       The Camel Book, officially known as Programming Perl, Third Edition, by
       Larry Wall et al, is the definitive reference work covering nearly all
       of Perl.  You can order it and other Perl books from O'Reilly & Asso-
       ciates, 1-800-998-9938.  Local/overseas is +1 707 829 0515.  If you can
       locate an O'Reilly order form, you can also fax to +1 707 829 0104.  If
       you're web-connected, you can even mosey on over to for an online order form.

       Other Perl books from various publishers and authors can be found
       listed in(1,8) perlfaq2.

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