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PAK(1)                     QuakeForge User's Manual                     PAK(1)

       pak - The QuakeForge Packfile Tool

       pak <command> [options] ARCHIVE FILE...

       pak is a utility for managing pack(3,n,n pack-old) (*.pak) archives. The format used is
       compatible with Quake and Quake II. Pak archives are a  convenient  way
       to store groups of related files. Some engines allow pak archives to be
       compressed internally.

       pak accepts the following arguments as a command. Only one command  may
       be used at a time.

       -c, --create
              Create  an archive. Overwrites any contents the archive may have

       -t, --test
              Test an archive for valid formatting.

       -x, --extract
              Extract an archive. Overwrites any files in(1,8) the  current  direc-
              tory with the same names as those inside the archive.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

       -V, --version
              Show the version(1,3,5) of pak.

       pak takes the following arguments as options.

       -f, --file ARCHIVE
              Use  ARCHIVE  as the archive filename, instead of the first non-
              option argument.  This option is provided for compatibility with
              older versions of pak.

       -p, --pad
              Can  be useful when creating an archive. File space is padded to
              a 4-byte boundary, assisting in(1,8) the speed of loading files  from
              the archive. The file(1,n) data itself is not changed.

       -q, --quiet
              Inhibit some of pak's normal output.

       -v, --verbose
              Display more output than usual.

       pak returns a zero exit(3,n,1 builtins) status when it has completed a command success-
       fully (without error(8,n)). Otherwise, it returns a non-zero exit(3,n,1 builtins) status.

       The program does not currently  handle  compression  or  decompression.
       This is planned for a future version.

       The  program  does  not currently handle extraction of individual files
       inside an archive. This is planned for a future version.

       The program cannot modify an archive once it has been created.

       Bill Currie ( wrote most of the program.

       Jeff Teunissen ( wrote the  command-line  interface
       and the documentation.

       quakeforge(1), qfcc(1)

QuakeForge                       03 May, 2002                           PAK(1)

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