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mysqlshow(1) - .BR mysqlshow - Shows the structure of a mysql database (databases, tables and columns) - man 1 mysqlshow

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mysqlshow(1)                    MySQL database                    mysqlshow(1)

        -  Shows  the structure of a mysql database (databases,tables and col-

       shell> mysqlshow [OPTIONS] [database [table [column]]]

       mysqlshow [-#|--debug=...]   [-?|--help]  [-c|--character-sets-dir=...]
       [-C|--compress]  [-h|--host=...]  [-i|--status] [-k|--keys] [-p|--pass-
       word[=...]]     [-P|--port=...]     [-S|--socket=...]     [-u|--user=#]

              output debug log. Often this is 'd:t:o,filename`

              display help and exit(3,n,1 builtins)

              Directory where character sets are

              Use compression in(1,8) server/client protocol

              connect to host(1,5)

              Shows a lot of extra information about each table

              show keys for table

              password  to  use  when  connecting to server If password is not
              given it's asked from the tty.

              Port number to use for connection

              Socket file(1,n) to use for connection

              user for login(1,3,5) if(3,n) not current user

              output version(1,3,5) information and exit(3,n,1 builtins)

       If last argument contains a shell or SQL wildcard  (*,?,%  or  _)  then
       only  what's matched by the wildcard is shown.  If no database is given
       then all matching databases are shown.  If no table is given  then  all
       matching  tables  in(1,8)  database are shown If no column is given then all
       matching columns and columntypes in(1,8) table are shown

       isamchk(1),  isamlog(1),   mysql(1),   mysqlaccess(1),   mysqladmin(1),
       mysqld(1),      mysqld_multi(1),      mysqld_safe(1),     mysqldump(1),
       mysql_fix_privilege_tables(1), mysql_zap(1), perror(1,3)(1), replace(1)

       For more information please refer to the MySQL reference manual,  which
       may  already be installed locally and which is also available online at

       Please refer to to report bugs.

       Ver    1.0,    distribution    4.0.21    Michael    (Monty)    Widenius
       (,  MySQL  AB  (   This software
       comes  with  no  warranty.   Manual  page  by  L.   (Kill-9)   Pedersen
       (, Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system developer

MySQL 4.0                      19 December 2000                   mysqlshow(1)

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