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mysqlaccess(1)                  MySQL database                  mysqlaccess(1)


       mysqlaccess [host(1,5) [user [db]]] OPTIONS

       mysqlaccess  [-?|--help] [-v|--version] [-p|--password=#] [-h|--host=#]
       [-d|--db=#]   [-U|--superuser=#]   [-P|--spassword=#]    [-H|--rhost=#]
       [--old_server]    [-b|--brief]   [-t|--table]   [--relnotes]   [--plan]
       [--howto] [--debug=N] [--copy] [--preview] [--commit] [--rollback]

              display this helpscreen and exit(3,n,1 builtins)

              print information on the program `mysqlaccess'

              username for logging in(1,8) to the db

              validate password for user

              name or IP-number of the host(1,5)

              name of the database

              connect as superuser

              password for superuser

              remote MySQL-server to connect to

              connect to old MySQL-server (before v3.21) which  does  not  yet
              know how to handle full where clauses.

              single-line tabular report

              report in(1,8) table-format

              print release-notes

       --plan print suggestions/ideas for future releases

              some examples of how to run `mysqlaccess'

              enter debuglevel N (0..3)

       --copy reload temporary grant-tables from original ones

              show  differences  in(1,8) privileges after making changes in(1,8) (tempo-
              rary) grant-tables

              copy grant-rules from temporary tables to  grant-tables  (!don't
              forget to do an mysqladmin reload)

              undo the last changes to the grant-tables.

       At  least the user and the db must be given (even with wildcards) If no
       host(1,5) is given, `localhost' is assumed Wildcards (*,?,%,_)  are  allowed
       for  host(1,5),  user  and  db, but be sure to escape them from your shell!!
       (i.e., type \* or '*')

       isamchk(1),    isamlog(1),    mysql(1),    mysqladmin(1),    mysqld(1),
       mysqld_multi(1),    mysqld_safe(1),    mysqldump(1),   mysql_fix_privi-
       lege_tables(1), mysqlshow(1), mysql_zap(1), perror(1,3)(1), replace(1)

       For more information please refer to the MySQL reference manual,  which
       may  already be installed locally and which is also available online at

       Please refer to to report bugs.

       Ver    1.0,    distribution    4.0.21    Michael    (Monty)    Widenius
       (,  MySQL  AB  (   This software
       comes  with  no  warranty.   Manual  page  by  L.   (Kill-9)   Pedersen
       (, Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system developer

MySQL 4.0                      19 December 2000                 mysqlaccess(1)

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