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GPASMAN(SECTION)                                              GPASMAN(SECTION)

       gpasman - Keeps track of all your passwords in(1,8) gnome environment


       This manual page documents briefly the gpasman command.

       gpasman  is  a  program  that...  encrypts a lot of passwords using one
       master(5,8) password. Every time(1,2,n) you load(7,n) or save a new file(1,n) a master(5,8)  pass-
       word is asked to (un)lock the contents.

       You  can change this master(5,8) password using `change password'.  The con-
       tents can be edited using  `new  entry',  `update(7,n)  entry'  and  `remove
       entry'.  If  you  have  a  lot of entries, sort(1,3) them by clicking on the
       titles of the list.

       Doubleclicking an entry puts(3,n) the password on the clipboard so  you  can
       simply  paste it into your password asking application using the middle
       mouse button. Errors messages are put only on the statusbar, no  annoy-
       ing dialogs. If present, the file(1,n) ~/.gpasman will be opened at startup.
       The rest should be pretty self explaining stuff.

       This program does not accept(2,8) any command line options.

       The programs are documented fully by The Rise and Fall of a Fooish Bar.

       This manual page was written by T. Bugra Uytun <>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                March 22, 2003                GPASMAN(SECTION)

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