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LOWERCASE(1)                                                      LOWERCASE(1)

       lowercase - rename(1,2,n) file(1,n)(s) to all lowercase

       lowercase [option(s)] file(1,n)(s)

       mv_lowercase ...
       mv_uppercase ...
       mv_capitalize ...
       mv_spaces2underscore ...
       mv_vfatillegal2underscore ...
       mv_underscore2hyphen ...
       mv_underscore2null ...

       -r      Recursively descend directories.

       -f      Force. Forces renaming of non-unique regular files.

       -t      Test. Do not actually rename(1,2,n) files.

       -q      Quiet.

       -h      Help.

       Lowercase  is a bash script that renames files and directories to their
       all lowercase equivalents.  A log is printed to stdout.

       Similarly, each alias will perform a 'like' file(1,n) rename.

       mv_vfatillegal2underscore translates the *?"<>| characters,  which  are
       not allowable in(1,8) win98 filenames.

       mv_capitalize  gives the filename a single uppercase letter followed by
       all lowercase letters.

       The force option [-f] now uses "mv --backup=numbered" to  make  backups
       of non-unique files. This is not applicable when the source or destina-
       tion is a directory. In this case the file(1,n)(s) are left unchanged.

       Symbolic links *are* renamed, but not derefenced.

       Lowercase works with vfat filesystems, space  embedded  filenames,  and
       remote directories (e.g. lowercase SomeDir/SomeFile).

       The  test  option [-t] is not comprehensive and reports inaccurately in(1,8)
       two cases:

              1. vfat filesystems will report fail on every  successful  case-
              sensitive rename.
              2. In cases where two distinct filenames map to a common (third)
              filename (e.g. mv_underscore2null  A_B  A__B  )  test  will  not
              report this conflict.

       Files which don't trigger the search criteria (e.g. all-lowercase,
       or no-spaces) are ignored and not reported in(1,8) the log.

       Tab embedded filenames are regarded as spaces for mv_spaces2underscore.

       Presently can't handle filenames beginning with "-".

       While this program has been written with care - and tested on  an  i386
       linux, kernel 2.4.19 - no guarantee is made.

       If  anyone finds any bugs, or incompatibilities with versions of bash >
       2.05b, please report such to the author.

       Steven Atkinson (

                                 3 April 2004                     LOWERCASE(1)

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