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isamlog(1) - isamlog - Write info about whats in a nisam log file - man 1 isamlog

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isamlog(1)                      MySQL database                      isamlog(1)

       isamlog - Write info(1,5,n) about whats in(1,8) a nisam log file.

       isamlog [-?iruvIV] [-c #] [-f #] [-F filepath/] [-o #] [-R file(1,n) record-
       pos] [-w write_file] [log-filename [table ...]]

       isamlog [-?|-I] [-V] [-c] [-f] [-F] [-i] [-o] [-p  #]  [-r]  [-R]  [-u]
       [-v] [-w]


       -?|-I  info(1,5,n)

       -V     version(1,3,5)

       -c     do only # commands

       -f     max open(2,3,n) files

       -F     file(1,n) path

       -i     extra info(1,5,n)

       -o     offset

       -p #   remove # components from path

       -r     recover

       -R     file(1,n) recordposition

       -u     update(7,n)

       -v     verbose

       -w     write(1,2) file(1,n)

       If  no  file(1,n) name is given isam.log is used One can give a second and a
       third '-v' for more verbose.  Normaly one does a  update(7,n)  (-u).   If  a
       recover is done all writes and all possibly updates and deletes is done
       and errors are only counted.  If one gives  table  names  as  arguments
       only these tables will be updated

       isamchk(1),   mysql(1),   mysqlaccess(1),   mysqladmin(1),   mysqld(1),
       mysqld_multi(1),   mysqld_safe(1),    mysqldump(1),    mysql_fix_privi-
       lege_tables(1), mysqlshow(1), mysql_zap(1), perror(1,3)(1), replace(1)

       For  more information please refer to the MySQL reference manual, which
       may already be installed locally and which is also available online  at

       Please refer to to report bugs.

       Ver    1.0,    distribution    4.0.21    Michael    (Monty)    Widenius
       (, MySQL  AB  (   This  software
       comes   with   no  warranty.   Manual  page  by  L.  (Kill-9)  Pedersen
       (, Mercurmedia Data Model Architect / system developer

MySQL 4.0                      19 December 2000                     isamlog(1)

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