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([section] manual, -k keyword, -K [section] search, -f whatis)
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GAZE(1)                          User Commands                         GAZE(1)

       gaze - query/view sorcery package management information

       gaze [-q] <what> [<arguments>]

       gaze  is  part of the sorcery source-based package management suite. It
       is a general purpose command-line tool  for  displaying  package  logs,
       version(1,3,5)  information,  checking for installed packages, checksums, mes-
       sage digests, maintainer information, package URL information, removing
       obsolete  packages, displaying new packages, untracked files, sections,
       searching for files that are installed, finding when spells  were  cre-
       ated  and  packages  in(1,8)  the  software  catalogue. It can even take and
       retrieve snap shots of currently installed packages for  easy  duplica-

              disable human style output.

              find  and  display  all files which are not currently tracked by
              the sorcery package management system

              removes all old source  code  and  old  backups.  otherwise  the
              source  code from previous versions is kept so that the packages
              can be rolled back to  older  versions.  This  does  not  delete
              sources that are up to date, but not installed.

              NOTE: This is deprecated. Use cleanse --sweep

              display spells installed that are pam aware

              display  installed  spells that have no explicit dependencies on

              show the activity log.  (note: this is actually  a  log  of  all
              that happened involving sorcery, such as casts, summons etc.)

              shows the queue(1,3) of spells waiting to be installed

              shows the queue(1,3) of spells waiting to be removed

              shows  all spells currently held (which means they are not to be

              shows all spells currently exiled (which means they are  not  to
              be cast in(1,8) any way)

   service <port>|<acronym>
              displays spells that provide that service

   provides <feature>
              displays spells that provide the feature

   what <spell>
              view the long package description

   short <spell>
              view the short package description

   where <spell>
              display the section a spell belongs to

   website|url <spell>
              display the URL for the specified spell

   sources <spell>
              list all source files contained in(1,8) a spell

   source_urls <spell>
              lists the urls to all files contained in(1,8) a spell

   maintainer <section>
              display  the  email  address of the person currently responsible
              for maintaining a specified section

   compile <spell>
              show the compiler output generated when the spell was built

   install <spell>
              Used to determine what files were installed by a spell and where
              those files are located, excludes sorcery state files.

   install-full <spell>
              Like gaze install spell, but shows sorcery state files.

   install-spell <spell>
              Like gaze install spell, but excludes sorcery log files.

   version(1,3,5) <spell>
              shows  the installed version(1,3,5) of the spell and the main grimoires

   versions <spell>
              shows the installed version(1,3,5) of the spell and lists all available
              versions  in(1,8)  all  grimoires. If used without a spell name, then
              lists order of available grimoires.

   license <spell>|<section>|<license>
              view the license(s) of the given spell(s), or  spells  in(1,8)  given
              section(s), or view the information about given license(s)

   sum <spell>
              print  CRC  checksums  for  spells(s).  If  no spell is given it
              default to all.

   md5sum <spell>
              print spell MD5 message digests (fingerprints). If no  spell  is
              given it default to all

   size <spell>
              print the size of the installed spell(s).

              take a snapshot of all spells currently installed to stdout.

   import <snapshot>
              restore  the  snapshot  from a previous gaze export command (see
              the export option)

   grimoire <grimoire>
              prints specified grimoire's spells or all grimoires if(3,n) grimoire-
              name is omitted

              displays installed grimoires by name only

   html [-s] <grimoire-name>
              prints  the specified grimoire or all grimoires if(3,n) grimoire-name
              is omitted in(1,8) a nice(1,2) html format.  Additionally  displays  links
              to the source files when -s is given.

   search [-name|-short] phrase
              When  omitting  -name  and  -short  searches  spells name, short
              description and long description for phrase

              With -name searches spells name and with -short searches  spells
              short description for phrase

   newer <date>
              print  packages first submitted after a specified date. the date
              must be  specified  in(1,8)  the  'yyyymmdd'  format,  where  y=year,
              m=month,  and  d=day.   There  are  two special dates, last_sor-
              cery_update and last_cast.

   older <date>
              print packages that were  first  submitted  before  a  specified
              date.    the  date  must  be  specified  like  for  gaze  newer.
              last_sorcery_update and last_cast may not be used here.

   from [<path>/]<file(1,n)>
              find out what spell has installed path/file(1,n)

   installed [<spell>]
              view all installed packages and corresponding version(1,3,5) numbers or
              check to see whether a particular package is installed and if(3,n) it
              is installed display its version(1,3,5) number

   section <section>
              view a list of all sections in(1,8) the software catalogue or display
              a list of packages from a specific section

   voyeur [<spell>|<delay>]
              start  looking  at what cast is compiling at the moment and out-
              puts(3,n) its compiler messages. A spell can be optionally specified,
              or a delay after which to abort(3,7) when no casts could be found.

   SCRIPT_NAME <spell>
              replace  SCRIPT_NAME with any of the following BUILD | CONFIGURE
              that spell script for the spell

   history(1,3,n,1 builtins) <spell>
              show history(1,3,n,1 builtins) for a spell (alias for gaze HISTORY <spell> )

   checkmd5s [<spell>|<section>] [...]
              computes  the  md5sum on spell sources based on passed spell(s),
              section(s) or entire grimoire(s) if(3,n) left blank.

   depends <spell> [<level>]
              shows the spells that explicitly or recursively depend  on  this
              spell.  Up to level $level if(3,n) specified.

   dependencies <spell> [<level>]
              shows  the  spells  that spell explicitly or recursively depends
              on.  Up to level $level if(3,n) specified.

       Original version(1,3,5) written by Brian Peterson, modified by Kyle Sallee and
       updated by Thomas Stewart and Karsten Behrmann

       Maintained     by     the     Source     Mage     GNU     Linux    Team

       Report bugs to bugzilla <>

       cast(8), cleanse(8), dispel(8), grimoire(5),  scribbler(8),  scribe(8),
       sorcery(8), sorcery_config(5), summon(8)

       This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Source Mage GNU Linux            February 2005                         GAZE(1)

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