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DIRCOLORS(1)                          FSF                         DIRCOLORS(1)

       dircolors - color setup(2,8) for ls

       dircolors [OPTION]... [FILE]

       Output commands to set(7,n,1 builtins) the LS_COLORS environment variable.

   Determine format of output:
       -b, --sh, --bourne-shell
              output Bourne shell code to set(7,n,1 builtins) LS_COLORS

       -c, --csh, --c-shell
              output C shell code to set(7,n,1 builtins) LS_COLORS

       -p, --print-database
              output defaults

       --help display this help and exit(3,n,1 builtins)

              output version(1,3,5) information and exit(3,n,1 builtins)

       If  FILE  is  specified,  read(2,n,1 builtins)  it to determine which colors to use for
       which file(1,n) types and extensions.  Otherwise, a precompiled database  is
       used.   For  details  on  the  format  of  these  files, run `dircolors

       Written by H. Peter Anvin.

       Report bugs to <>.

       Copyright  2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

       The full documentation for dircolors is maintained as a Texinfo manual.
       If the info(1,5,n) and dircolors programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

              info(1,5,n) dircolors

       should give you access(2,5) to the complete manual.

dircolors (fileutils) 4.1         April 2001                      DIRCOLORS(1)

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