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AU(1)                                                                    AU(1)

       au - Activate user account

       au [ -x ] [ -h host(1,5) ] [ -p port ] nu | cp | cu | du

       au  is used by an administrator to add, delete, or change user informa-
       tion. au will first prompt for the administrators Coda  user  name  and
       password.  It  will  then  connect to the auth2 daemon on the server to
       perform the requested operation.

       au supports the following options:

       -x     Turns on debugging.

       -h     Attach to host(1,5) to do the authentication. host(1,5) should be the  SCM

       -p     port to bind(2,n,1 builtins) to. The default port is codaauth2 (370/udp).

       nu     New  user.  The  nu  option  tells the auth2 daemon to add a new
              password entry to the Coda password database.

       cp     Change password. Use this to change a users(1,5) vice password.

       cu     Change user information. Use this to change password  and  other
              user information.

       du     Delete  user. The du option tells the auth2 daemon to remove the
              password from the Coda password database, thereby disabling  the

       You must be a Coda system administrator to ru au.

       au echos new passwords to the terminal as they are typed in.

        1987, Adapted from AFS-2

        Joshua Raiff, 1993, Created man(1,5,7) page

Coda Distributed File System     25 April 2005                           AU(1)

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